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I will begin by saying that I am a libertarian-leaning individual. That is to say, I am for small government and for socially liberal policies. Most of the channels on this post are in alignment with those sentiments. I’m not in full agreement with all of these channels’ views but I appreciate diverse opinions in the political sphere.

I started making this list by first writing the names into a list off the top of my head. Then I went through my list of more than 400 subscriptions to find the channels that were both political and ones that I was willing to recommend.  I then randomized the list by using the tool found here: https://www.random.org/lists/ . I then went on their channels to get subscriber counts and linked their channels in the body portion of the write up. The videos I chose were either popular with good ratings or recent ones that I thought would be a good highlight of what their channel has to offer.

I look forward to reading your comments below in order to discover more channels.

*Remember, the list is randomized so as not to bias the reader towards one channel or another. I appreciate all of the channels here and don’t want to provide a disservice to any of them.

#1 The Mark Dice Channel – 1.2 Million Subscribers

The first channel on the randomized list is actually very popular.  Mark Dice is a political commentator and author. I’ve read some of his books and they are full of great information. I think he’s got a good sense of humor and makes nice, quick videos that mock the left’s policies, statements and behavior. He has done a lot of interviews on the streets of California where he asks questions that receive the kinds of answers only those under the influence of liberalism could answer.

Here’s a good sampling of his humorous side:

Donald Trump's Funniest Insults and Comebacks

#2 The Next News Network – 632,000 Subscribers

The second channel on this list, The Next News Network, is a nice little channel for quick pieces of news. He generally puts out several videos a day and they’re short and to the point. He’ll show a clip and then provide commentary.  He does advertise some products at the end of each channel. I generally close out the video at that point but the products are quality and mostly unique to his channel.

Here’s a video he did during the Zuckerberg congressional hearings:

Senator Issues 9 Word WARNING to Zuckerberg That Could END Facebook And Social Media As We Know it

#3 Matt Christiansen – 126,000 Subscribers

The third channel on this list, Matt Christiansen, has content that provides commentary on current events.  Matt has a very smooth delivery and his insights are well thought out. His most popular content is a live show in which he co-hosts the show with “Blonde in the Belly of the Beast” – another popular Youtuber. The segment is called Beauty & the Beta.

Here’s a recent video with guest Owen Benjamin, a comedian I admire:

#97 | Guest Owen Benjamin, the YouTube Shooting, Local Gun Bans | Beauty & the Beta

#4 Paul Joseph Watson – 1.2 Million Subscribers

The fourth channel on my list, Paul Joseph Watson, is a British national affiliated with The Alex Jones Channel. Don’t let that dissuade you though. He makes very compelling videos and is not as conspiratorial as his affiliation would suggest.  He gives good insights and funny commentary that mocks the far left for their more ridiculous views.

Here’s a video of him mocking Justin Trudeau for his “People Kind” comment:

Justin Trudeau is a Complete Idiot

#5 Jordan B Peterson – 1 Million Subscribers

The fifth channel, Jordan B Peterson, doesn’t really fall under the political category as much as the other channels on this list. A lot of the wisdom he shares does fall within the political category, however. As a brilliant professor of psychology, author, and philosopher, he delves into modern issues and provides insights that few people have or at the very least, are not able to articulate as well as he. Probably the most accomplished person on my list, everyone can benefit from his talks, lectures,  interviews, and writings.

This video is of his Tedx talk at the University of Texas, the topic is Potential:

Potential: Jordan Peterson TEDxUofT

#6 Gad Saad – 112,000 Subscribers

The sixth channel’s content creator, Gad Saad, holds a PhD in Evolutionary Behavioral Science. He’s a professor at Concordia University in Canada. Originally from Lebanon, he has unique perspectives and experiences. The guests on his show vary greatly in backgrounds and his solo commentaries are great. He’s written several books and his specialty is the research he has done on marketing and the basis that evolution plays a role in purchasing decisions.

Here’s a great video where he talks about memory, how evolution made our brains the way they are:

How Human Memory Works (THE SAAD TRUTH_588)

#7 SomeBlackGuy – 293,000 Subscribers

The seventh channel, SomeBlackGuy, takes a lighter approach to issues than most channels on this list.  Derrick Blackman, if that is his real name, makes content on political topics as well as content that criticizes other Youtubers. I think he’s a funny guy and most of his content is satirical in nature.

Here’s a video of him mocking TrigglyPuff – a very popular video meme:


#8 Mouthy Buddha – 56,000 Subscribers

The eighth channel on my list is Mouthy Buddha. His videos have very high production value and attempt to be hard-hitting.  He poses interesting questions and commentary to the viewer. His topics range from political movements, to critiques of the far left and far right,  to modern dilemmas.

Here’s his most recent video as of this post on the problem with fame:

Justin Bieber • THE FAME TRAP | An MB Documentary

#9 Styxhexenhammer666 – 223,000 Subscribers

The ninth channel on my list is Styxhexenhammer666. Most of his recent videos merely provide commentary on political issues in the news. I really appreciate his views on various topics as they mostly align with my own. In the past, he mostly focused on religious topics but I’m not a fan of those. He has written books on the Occult, Satanism, and Religion in general under the name Tarl Warwick.  He identifies as a Pagan. You might be interested in that stuff but for me, I’m only interested in what he has to say about various political topics and in that regard, he’s one of the best.

Here’s a video where he talks about Trump’s recent Rasmussen poll in which the president polled above 50% in approval:

Analyzing the Rasmussen Poll Claiming Trump's Approval is at 50%

#10 Bearing – 460,000 Subscribers

The tenth channel on my list is Bearing. Bearing is an Australian creator who makes funny videos that mostly mock Social Justice Warriors. With SJWs, there’s a lot of material for content. His wife also makes videos, her channel is SugarTits.  I like both of their channels as they’re both quite funny and their format allows for a great deal of silliness that I can appreciate.

Here’s a video of him criticizing Australia’s commitment to only enlisting women in their armed forces:

Absolutely retarded – Australia is more brainwashed than I knew

#11 The Daily Wire – 460,000 Subscribers

The eleventh channel on my list is The Daily Wire.  Their description: The Daily Wire is a politically conservative news and opinion website featuring daily podcasts by Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire YouTube channel live streams all episodes of each podcast every weekday. Here you will also catch special videos and series from each host! Ben Shapiro is the only one I watch regularly. Andrew and Michael are okay. Their show structures are highly formatted. Ben is brilliant and hearing his position on issues is definitely worth the listen. He also has a subscription-based service that gives you unadulterated videos as his current content cuts off the video about halfway in and shows a placeholder where the video would be.

Ben Shapiro’s criticism video about Transgenderism and Pro-Abortion:

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments

#12 Ben Swann – 102,000 Subscribers

The twelfth channel on my list is Ben Swann. I was first introduced to Ben during the 2012 Election. He gave great coverage to Ron Paul whilst the media was completely ignoring him. Ben puts out some great pieces. He covered #Pizzagate when no one else would and this ultimately got him terminated from his previous news agency. A year later, he was back on Youtube, producing more great content.

Recent video on the newest Syrian gas attack:

Reality Check: Syrian Gas Attack Connected to Bigger Conflict?

#13 The Fallen State – 63,000 Subscribers

The thirteenth channel on my list is The Fallen State. Jesse Lee Peterson can’t be nudged away from his strong Christian conservative views. Almost all of his views are shared by me and I think it’s really funny how he’ll go out on the street and attack a person’s views without pulling any punches. A very brave man indeed.

Here he talks to a couple kids that attend an elitist liberal school:

Conservative Teens Expose EXTREME Liberal Bias at Elite High School (Excerpt 1 of 3)

#14 CaspianReport- 219,000 Subscribers

The fourteenth channel on my list is CaspianReport. Their description: CaspianReport is an independent research and media group based in Baku, Azerbaijan. The group addresses geopolitical, economic and social issues. I like this channel because it does reports on stories relevant to them within their region of EurAsia between the Middle East, Europe, and the rest of Asia within the Caspian Sea area.

Here is a great report they did about the state of nuclear treaties today and their history:

Collapse of the nuclear arms control

#15 Steven Crowder- 1.8 million Subscribers

The fifteenth channel on my list is Steven Crowder. Steven has come a long way. A comedian, actor, and political commentator, he’s made a big mark in the political sphere. His show has a nice format with comedy sketches. He has a recently popular series called “Change My Mind” wherein they visit college campuses and talk to mostly students about controversial topics. Every Thursday, they put out a Louder with Crowder show that has extremely high production value and great guests. He also offers a paid subscription service in which you can watch more episodes of Louder with Crowder every week and get unique content from other contributors on their website www.crtv.com .

A recent video with guests Dr. Thomas Sowell and Owen Benjamin. I’m a huge fan of both but Dr. Thomas Sowell has been extremely influential on my life. I just wish it was a live video interview and not just over the phone:

#310 YOUTUBE SHOOTING COVER-UP!! Thomas Sowell and Owen Benjamin Guest | Louder With Crowder

#16 LibertyPen – 97,000 Subscribers

The sixteenth channel on my list is LibertyPen. As far as I know, this channel is merely clips of other videos. No original content here but they do gather clips that I find to be quite good. Check this channel out to get a good variety of great content.

A video clip from one of the greats, Milton Friedman:

Milton Friedman – Redistribution of Wealth

#17 Triggerz McKnickers – 910 Subscribers

The seventeenth channel on my list is Triggerz McKnickers. This guy is a sock puppet and is criminally undersubbed. He has very funny videos that provide commentary on controversial issues of today.  I hope this guy gets more subs so that he stays motivated to continue doing what he does.

A clip of him discussing white privilege:

Reflections with Triggerz: Woke Philosophy

#18 Reason TV – 307,000 Subscribers

The eighteenth channel on my list is Reason TV.  Reason TV has great original content, solid interviews, great hosts &  presenters.  I really appreciate the variety of content that they provide. John Stossel provides great segments and Nick Gillespie does excellent interviews.  They have a creative cast and present everything with great production value.

An episode from their funniest content creator:

Mostly Weekly Series Finale: Creative Destruction

#19 Black Pigeon Speaks – 319,000 Subscribers

The nineteenth channel on my list is Black Pigeon Speaks.  BPS provides political commentary set to the backdrop of wonderful graphic design with great knowledge of photo effects. An obvious master of digital effects. His content is just as good as his digital art skills. He discusses controversial topics of today with solid reason and excellent commentary.

An episode on why Islam isn’t popular in Japan:

Japan | No Country for Islam

#20 We Are Change – 515,000 Subscribers

The twentieth channel on my list is We Are Change.  Along with their website, www.wearechange.org , Luke Rudkowski and Jason Bermas give reports and commentary on today’s issues.  They were made popular for confronting several controversial figures such as Lord Jacob Rothschild, Ben Bernanke, Henry Kissinger as well as providing great coverage of Ron Paul during the 2012 Elections. I like that they oftentimes go on-site instead of just reporting from far away.

Here’s a report from 2 years ago in Venezuela with Jeff Berwick, Jeff’s an interesting character as well:

You Won't Believe What We Saw In Socialist Venezuela

#21 Tim Pool – 162,000 Subscribers

The twenty-first channel on my list is Tim Pool.  Tim provides great reports on important issues.  He goes on-site and he gives great overviews of what the situation is and then provides an unbiased commentary. He’s about as fair of a reporter as we can have today in a world full of polarized reporting. The topics he chooses gives hint to his political leanings but his reporting on those issues does not.

Here’s his report on Backpage’s seizure by the Federal Government:

Is This The End of Internet Freedom?

#22 We The Internet TV – 34,000 Subscribers

The twenty-second channel on my list is We The Internet TV.  They’ve been making great content for years and I cannot understand why their subscriber count is so low. Great humor mixed with great content. They are a similar alternative to Reason TV with a slant more on humor.  This channel deserves to be more successful.

Here’s the first video of a great new series, Dr. Debra Soh also has her own channel that’s worth a sub:

Sex, Gender and Bullshit Part 1: Dr. Debra Soh on James Damore and the Google Memo

#23 China Uncensored – 537,000 Subscribers

The twenty-third channel on my list is China Uncensored. The star of the show is Chris Chappell. Along with co-host Shelley Zhang and producer Matt Gnaizda, they create very comical satire on the news based in China. I’m sure it’s beyond annoying to him for this reference, but he’s a dead ringer for Agent Smith from the Matrix series. He’s got a great comedic delivery and has gone on-site for several special pieces. They’ve also released a new channel recently called America Uncovered.

Here’s one of their oldest videos, look at all those dislikes, wonder if the Chinese government had anything to do with that:

The Death Penalty in China | China Uncensored

#24 Wild Smile – 48,000 Subscribers

The twenty-fourth channel on my list is Wild Smile. One of the youngest channels on my list, Wild Smile mostly just creates short videos with commentary on controversial issues.  I think he has good insights and opinions while keeping it short and simple.  He also has a live show in which he has discussions with his subscribers and plays videos that he likes. Recently, he’s begun creating video mashups with memes and other mashups set to music. Very unique content.

Here’s a recent video in which he talks about the Dan Schneider Nickelodeon firing:

Dan Schneider Has Been Fired From Nickelodeon for Inappropriate Behavior

#25 Corbett Report – 250,000 Subscribers

The twenty-fifth channel on my list is corbettreport. Their description: The Corbett Report is an independent, listener-supported alternative news source. It operates on the principle of open source intelligence and provides podcasts, interviews, articles and videos about breaking news and important issues from 9/11 Truth and false flag terror to the Big Brother police state, eugenics, geopolitics, the central banking fraud and more. My take: Honestly this guy is great. James Corbett really does a wonderful job of sourcing everything and he has made wonderful documentaries as well. They also have a website that covers issues more in-depth at www.corbettreport.com/ .

Here’s a great showcase of his skills in the documentary “How Big Oil Conquered the World”:

How Big Oil Conquered the World

#26 John Ward- 23,000 Subscribers

Last but not least, the twenty-sixth channel on my list is John Ward. There are very few videos on his channel but his content is worth volumes more than what others produce. The content is extremely unique. His voice-overs of the content are hilarious. His self-produced music/meme mashups are unforgettable.  I hope he never stops making videos and continues to improve his craft.  Another criminally undersubbed channel.

Here’s a classic, good sampling of his work. He’s also got some funny & unique music videos to look for on the channel:

Don Lemon Ends Don Lemon's Career

In closing for the Best Political Channels on Youtube, I just have to say….

We finished with 26 great channels.  The list could definitely be larger but these were the ones that really stand out to me amongst my subscribed-to list. I’m serious when I said I’m looking forward to seeing what other channels people think should also be on the list in the comments below.

I want to say thank you to every channel that I’ve placed in this list because you have provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment.  Whether it’s the humor, the quality of information, the beauty of the art, the great people you’ve interviewed, or the mere introduction to important people & literature; you all have stimulated my mind and gave me a lot to think about, imagine, and to enjoy.  I hope you all continue to increase your viewership and have much success in your personal and online life.

I plan to make some videos of my own starting soon and you all have given me a great start by setting such a good bar for what great content should be like.

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