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My personal experience to date.

As of the writing of this article – April 5, 2018 – this site is currently hosted with HostHatch. What’s disappointing is that it took 6 days to actually get the server provisioned. After about 12 hours of a “finalizing” message instantly after pre-paying for 6 months, I submitted a ticket.

They responded within ~3 hours to notify me that: “We apologize for the delay as we were in the midst of adding a new node. Your order will be activated as soon as the node is ready and you will be notified via email.
Your service date will also start when your order has been activated and we can assure of this.”

I just left it at that and waited because I could still work on the site locally while I waited for the server to become available. The 6 day wait time was not that big of a deal to me but still quite disappointing. Once it was ready, they did notify me of the email as they said they would. It was Easter weekend but it shouldn’t have taken 6 days to provision a small VPS server.

My Virtual Private Server details:






I really thought the price was fair @$7.00/month or $39.99 semi-annually for how much SSD space there was and for the specs. I had also seen good reviews on other websites such as or . I benchmarked the server just now and you can take a look at the results as I talk about what I see.

Click here or on the image to the right to enlarge.

What I can say is that the network portion of the tests are actually not too bad. They state 1Gbps connection and on previous runs of the test I got about 114MBps or ~912Mbit/s on Cachefly, very close to the max a 1Gbps connection can allow. It didn’t do it for all of the tests but the performance is on par with what Vultr, Linode or Digital Ocean can offer. The encryption and compression parts were also pretty good but that’s due to it being 3-cores worth of Xeon E3-1270 v5.

Where it does not shine is on the hard drive stats. It’s clearly SSD in a RAID but unless there’s some serious hard drive crunching on the rest of the RAID, it’s a slow drive set probably due to the age. I’ll see if I can get the hard drive data but it’s up to the RAID controller as to what information gets provided on a VPS.

Well, I tried several tools to inspect the hardware but unfortunately the information is not provided to my virtual OS via the RAID Controller and Host OS. I tried many tools but they all yielded null results. My opinion is that they are probably older Intel drives in a RAID 5/10 and that’s fine but one would hope they’d be a higher-end model. When you get 75GB of SSD allocated though, that’s really quite exceptional for only $7.00/month or less.

The Web Portal is basic. I’m used to running my own dedicated servers and the previous VPS servers I had were either fully ghetto or from Linode, Digital Ocean or Vultr. I did have an issue where I reinstalled the server and the Root password wouldn’t work and I reinstalled it a 2nd time with the same issue. I figured out that the initial password wasn’t working but then I clicked on the change password from within the portal – that finally gave me one that worked. Also, when it finally was provisioned, reinstalling only took a few seconds and you can choose from a variety of distros of Linux.

Picture of their portal and OS choices. I don’t even know which one I have selected, my guess is Science Linux but let me google it… Scientific Linux is the correct answer. They should label it or have a mouse over popup. It will show the name once the options are selected but I wasn’t bold enough to go that far with a fully functioning server. Click on the image thumbnails to see larger versions.

Final Thoughts


Review numbers below are based on my experience alone:

Service from Company(To Date) - 6
Server Performance - 8
Price - 8.5


Not the worst but not the best

Disappointed with the delay in provisioning. The hard drive write and IOPS(Input/Output Operations Per Second) performance was lacking. Network is good as far as I can tell so far @Los Angeles and the processor is as sold and fast. Decent SSD space and since I plan to host my own videos instead of simply using Youtube, the space will come in handy.

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